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Norden Sauna provides end-to-end solutions for your sauna project. From custom outdoor builds to commercial spa saunas, Norden Sauna will bring your vision to life. Depending on your needs, you can select one service or a combination of services. Contact us below for a consultation.

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Phase One: Exploration of your vision with recommended game plan. 


Let's kick things off with a phone call. We will explore your vision, discuss general do's and don'ts, and outline a scope of work in consideration of budget, timeline, and physical space. 

Norden Sauna offers two options for our Consult services: Retainer and One-time consult. Pricing will quoted after the initial phone call.  


Norden Sauna services retained for a fixed period of months. Norden Sauna available by phone, email, or site visits to educate, answer questions, and provide recommendations throughout your sauna build journey.

This might be the case where you have your own design and build team, are incorporating sauna as part of a larger project, and need specialized sauna guidance.


Deliverable: Ongoing support of project for all sauna related details - from sourcing to functional design to the nuance of interior design.

One-time Consult

Norden Sauna hired for a project overview and assessment. This can be a standalone consult or part of a multi-phase engagement that includes design and/or build. 

Norden Sauna will review your plans and provide feedback and recommendations based on budget, timeline, and space. An educational component on sauna basics is also included if required.

Deliverable: A project scope document that includes recommendations on general sauna layouts, materials, heaters, and accessories based on the aforementioned variables. Also included is a list of common mistakes to avoid based on current best practices. 

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Phase Two: Incorporating best practices in sauna design to convert your vision into a recommended layout and floor plan. 

We will explore specific options as they relate to your build space. We will dive into the nuance of bench layouts and heights, best materials to use, ventilation, doors and windows, audio and lighting, and more. Pricing will be based on complexity of design requirements. 

The Design Package 

Norden Sauna will conduct a site visit to better understand your vision, identify any limiting factors, and collaborate with you to optimize your sauna design.

Upon conceptual approval, Norden Group will produce preliminary drawings for layout and floor plan. We can also produce a comprehensive recommended materials list for your sauna build. This includes: interior wood paneling, exterior paneling (if required), heater and stones, vents, fans, lighting and audio, doors and windows, and accessories. If you are using your own builders we can also provide materials sourcing if desired.

Deliverable: Iterative design process culminating in preliminary drawings, a comprehensive materials list (with sourcing if needed), and a guide to best practices. 

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Phase Three: End-to-end project management of your sauna build.  


Phase Three builds off of your approved design and materials list and culminates with your finished sauna. It can be as simple as project managing our recommended sauna builder's deliverables list or as involved as using Norden Group's in-house build team to bring your custom sauna vision to life.  

The Build Package - Prefab

Whether a suitable sauna for you already exists in prefab form or if budget and/or timeline considerations lead you down this path - with the right guidance - a prefab sauna kit can be an excellent choice. 

In this scenario Norden Sauna will vet all local sauna suppliers based on your requirements and make a recommendation. Norden Sauna will be your point of contact with the supplier to make sure all details are covered and the right questions are asked. We will guide you throughout the process including a post-install site visit with supplier follow-up in required.  

The Build Package - Custom

Sometimes your sauna needs to be just so. Whether your space is unique or your tastes are off the menu, a custom sauna build can meet your demands. 

Norden Sauna's build team will come for a site visit and based off of approved designs and materials list provide you with a scope of services that ensures sauna satisfaction. 


Included with both Build Packages is a detailed Sauna Bather's 101 guide that will equip your guests with the confidence and tools to maximize their sauna experiences. 

Deliverable: finished sauna ready for use and Norden Sauna's Sauna Bather's 101 guide. 

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