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About Us

Norden Sauna is a Toronto-based company dedicated to bringing your sauna project to life. Our commitment is to translate your vision into an uncompromising, authentic sauna experience.


Recent scientific studies have finally revealed what we Finns have known for centuries; regular sauna practice makes a tangible difference in quality of life.


As such it is our mission to accelerate the adoption of Finnish sauna bathing into North American society.


We do this by working hand-in-hand with home, gym, and spa owners to guide them from consultation to design and build.

From custom backyard sauna builds to commercial spa saunas, let Norden Sauna be your partner in the pursuit of the perfect sweat. 

Markus Raty

Toronto, Canada

sauna interior.jpg


Markus Raty - Chief Sauna Nut


Founder and Principal

Some 45 years ago, on the shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario, Markus Raty was introduced to the ancient practice of sauna bathing. In a sauna built by his father, a master sauna builder from Finland, 4-month-old Markus sat in his dad's lap as the waves gently lapped against the shore outside. It was the start of a lifelong passion that has grown into what is now a daily practice. Since then, Markus estimates he has enjoyed over 4,000 sauna sessions in more than 100 saunas in 10 countries, all in pursuit of the perfect sweat. 


Ultimately it was back in his hometown of Toronto where the seeds of his future sauna business would be planted. As the resident sauna expert for a longevity start-up, he was inundated with questions about and requests for sauna builds. With the opening of several new sauna spas in the Toronto area, coupled with the burgeoning wellness movement, sauna bathing was finally in the spotlight. And with that, Norden Sauna was born.  

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