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Commercial Services

Norden Sauna provides end-to-end solutions for commercial sauna projects. From gym and club sauna rebuilds to new public sauna spas, we offer a wide range of custom tailored services to suit your project needs.  

Norden Sauna offers both retainer services for complex new builds and fixed-price consult engagements for sauna rebuilds and smaller projects. 

Initial Consult

Phase One: Exploration of your vision with recommended game plan. 

Schedule an introductory phone call to kick off your project. We will explore your vision, discuss general do's and don'ts, and outline a scope of work in consideration of budget, timeline, and physical space.

Norden Sauna offers two options for our Consult services: Retainer and One-time consult. Pricing will be quoted after the initial phone call.



Norden Sauna's services are retained for a fixed period of months. Norden Sauna will be available by phone, email, and site visits to educate, answer questions, and provide recommendations throughout your sauna build journey

Available services include:

  • Guidance on potential project scope and advisement on timelines and budget.

  • Preliminary discussions on design concepts and integration of sauna(s) into spa plans. 

  • Architect recommendations (if desired or required). 

  • Cold plunge supplier recommendations (if desired or required).  

One-time Consult

The one-time consult is a suitable option for those clients who already have an in-house contractor team with sauna build experience. Norden Sauna will provide in-depth consultation on sauna specific design and build requirements and prepare the client's in-house team with a comprehensive sauna build package. 

Deliverable: A project scope document that includes recommendations on general sauna layouts, materials, heaters, and accessories based on the aforementioned variables. Also included is a list of common mistakes to avoid based on current best practices.


Design and Development

Phase Two: Incorporating best practices in sauna design to convert your vision into a recommended layout and floor plan. 

We will explore specific options as they relate to your build space. We will dive into the nuance of bench layouts and heights, best materials to use, ventilation, doors and windows, audio and lighting, and more. Pricing will be based on complexity of design requirements.

The Design Package

Norden Sauna will conduct a site visit to better understand your vision, identify any limiting factors, and collaborate with you to optimize your sauna design.

Upon conceptual approval, Norden Group will produce preliminary drawings for layout and floor plan. We can also produce a comprehensive recommended materials list for your sauna build. This includes: interior wood paneling, exterior paneling (if required), heater and stones, vents, fans, lighting and audio, doors and windows, and accessories. 

Available services include:


  • Iterative design process that culminates in a shared understanding of the client's vision.

  • Advisement on statutory and code requirements for saunas in public and commercial environments. 

  • Guidance on materials, heater and accessory selections.

  • Preliminary layout and floor plan drawings.

  • Professional shop drawings for incorporation into overall design blueprints (if desired or required).

  • Proprietary HVAC design solutions for ventilation (if desired or required). 

  • Liaising with architect, GC, and sub-trades to ensure optimal integration of sauna requirements. 

  • Materials and equipment procurement (if desired or required).



Phase Three: End-to-end project management of your sauna build.


Phase Three builds off of your approved design and materials selections and culminates with your finished sauna. It can be as simple as project managing our recommended sauna builder's deliverables list or as involved as using Norden Group's in-house build team to bring your custom sauna vision to life.  

The Build Package - Rebuild

If you are rebuilding an existing gym or club sauna Norden Sauna can simply renew your current sauna design with new panelling, benches and heater, or optimize your space with a new configuration and design. 

This option best lends itself to partnering with the one-time consult service, delivering you a fresh, optimized sauna with an efficient one-stop solution. 

The Build Package - Custom New Build

Sometimes your sauna needs to be just so. Whether your space is unique or your tastes are off the menu, a custom sauna build can meet your demands. 

Building off of your approved design package, Norden Sauna will guide you through your options to bring your sauna to life. We will work hand-in-hand with you to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for your sauna build. 

The size of your project and speed with which you need to get it done will determine your next steps. We will advise on the best course of action for you based on the most suitable fit for your circumstances.

We will be involved throughout the build process ensuring all deliverables are met including any post-install service visits as required. 

Available services include:

  • Production of Detailed Request for Proposal.

  • Oversight of the RFP process and advisement on selection of candidate(s). 

  • Project management of the sauna build process. 

  • Ensuring integration of all auxiliary requirements (eg. A/V and ventilation)

  • Post-install sauna inspection. 

  • Coordination of any post-install servicing requirements. 


Testing and Training

Phase Four: Sauna testing and staff training.

An often overlooked phase of bringing a commercial sauna to life is the testing and training phase. It is critical to ensure your sauna operates as it should. This process includes establishing baseline operating temperatures and ventilation settings. After all, your sauna is only as good as its heat and air quality. 

Following testing Norden Sauna will guide your management team and staff through both sauna operator and user training. As many of your guests will be new to sauna it is essential that: your sauna provides an optimal experience and your guests are empowered with basic sauna-bathing practices. 

Finally, the memorability of your guests' experience will also be driven by the condition of your sauna. A proper cleaning and maintenance protocol is required to a) provide a welcoming environment and b) make your sauna lasts. We will guide you through the required steps to ensure your sauna stays looking and feeling for years to come.

Available services include:

  • Comprehensive sauna testing (temperature checks at various locations, air quality testing and löyly (steam) quality insurance).

  • Norden Sauna Operator's Guide: includes daily operating protocol, cleaning and maintenance schedule for sauna, heater, and rocks. 

  • Product recommendations for sauna maintenance. 

  • Norden Sauna Bather's Guide: includes sauna etiquette, recommended bathing practices and do's and don'ts for before and after sauna sessions.  

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Get in Touch

Call Markus at 416-875-6783 for an initial consultation.

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