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Norden Sauna provides end-to-end solutions for your home or cottage sauna project. From basements to backyards, every home has a spot for a sauna. Our mission is to help you find the ideal spot for yours and then get to work bringing it to life. 

For custom residential sauna builds we operate on a fixed price contract, acting as your sauna partner throughout your journey to ensure your new sauna exceeds your expectations. 

Let's kick things off with a phone call and explore what you have in mind. Once we establish that there is a mutual fit we will provide you with a tailored quote for our services. 

NEW - Pre-built Modular Saunas

We are pleased to introduce our new preferred modular sauna partner for those clients looking for a smaller sauna on a smaller budget. 

These pre-built 4-person modular saunas have been field tested by the Norden Sauna team and can be assembled onsite in 1-2 hours. Don't let their small stature dissuade you; these little babies cook! 

Exceptionally well insulated and ventilated, good heat and fresh air will never be a problem. 

Delivery is available within the Greater Toronto Area. 

Please contact us for more information. 


Ideation and Exploration

Phase One: Project overview and assessment.

This is kind of like a meet and greet. You tell us about your vision, need to haves and nice to haves and we tell you about best practices and explain the sauna building process. We will then lead you through an ideation process, exploring different sauna layouts, designs, heater and wood options. 


The next step is to harmonize your vision with a game plan in consideration of budget, timeline, and space. 


Design Phase 

Phase Two: Incorporating best practices in sauna design to convert your vision into a recommended layout and floor plan

Once we are aligned on the overall direction you would like your project to take, we will explore specific options as they relate to your build space. We will dive into the nuance of bench layouts and heights, best materials to use, ventilation, doors and windows, audio and lighting, and more. 

.​Norden Sauna will also conduct a site visit to better understand your vision, identify any limiting factors, and collaborate with you to optimize your sauna design.

Upon conceptual approval, we will produce preliminary drawings for layout and floor plan. We can also produce a comprehensive recommended materials list for your sauna build. This includes: interior wood paneling, exterior paneling (if required), heater and stones, vents, fans, lighting and audio, doors and windows, and accessories.



Phase Three: end-to-end project management of your sauna build.

Phase Three builds off of your approved design and materials list and culminates with your finished sauna. It can be as simple as project managing our recommended sauna builder's deliverables list or as involved as using Norden Sauna's in-house build team to bring your custom sauna vision to life.

Throughout your sauna build journey, Norden Sauna will ensure that: all deliverables are met, your sauna exceeds your expectations, and YOU are ready to sauna like a Finn.

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Get in Touch

Call Markus at 416-875-67893 for in initial consultation. 

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