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Our Difference

Out with the old

There was a time in North America when the mention of “sauna” conjured images of dank cedar lined closets with woeful heaters and stale, smelly air. Usually tucked away and unused in basements, or afterthoughts in gym changerooms, North American saunas were a far cry from their daily lifeblood cousins in Finland. 

Those times are quickly coming to an end. Lifestyles and habits are changing. People are seeking to integrate wellness experiences into their daily routines. Increasingly they are turning to the ancient traditions of exposure to heat and cold. 

Sauna is sacred

Heat up. Cool down. Rest. Repeat. The sauna’s siren song, steadfastly singing through the centuries.


The Norden Sauna family holds sauna sacred. The notion alone evokes a sense of calm and tranquility, buttressing the cacophony of everyday demands. Its tradition, rituals and healing heat go far beyond the realm of physical design constructs. 


Design Matters

But physical design also matters. 

Without a thoughtfully designed and well-built sauna, the qualities of a quintessential sauna experience cannot be realized. This is why we are here. To ensure that the interplay between design and experience is delivered in every sauna we help bring to life. 


Norden Sauna is built on a foundation of deep respect and connection with our forebears and sauna building lineage. Dedicated to both the art and science of sauna design, we take exacting care to translate your vision into an achievable gameplan. 


Every sauna is unique. 


A product of its owner’s vision, custom crafted to reflect their personal journey and desire for the wellbeing of their families and clients. 


This is our difference. A partnership built on understanding you. 

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