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Norden Sauna specializes in bringing bespoke projects to life. We act as your project partner, providing guidance and peace of mind during the entirety of your sauna building journey.


Whether your dream is a cozy backyard sauna or a luxurious new sauna spa, our team will deploy traditional Finnish sauna design and build principles to ensure exceptional heat, löyly, and ventilation. 

Please have a peek at some of our projects and if they tickle your fancy, give us a call! 

Markus Raty

Norden Sauna


Private Garden Sauna - Don Mills, Ontario

This is the project that started it all. After years of advising friends on their sauna projects it was time to build one for my first customer; myself. The 2019 project included a secluded backyard ("garden" sounds more sophisticated) location with an 8' x 12' structure split approximately in half between sauna and change room.  This was also the first collaboration with Norden Sauna's preferred build partners who with their decades of sauna building experience, did not disappoint. 

Alter Wellness - Toronto, Ontario

This beautiful 30-person sauna is ensconced within the 3000 square foot spa Alter Wellness. Inspired by the lighter shades of many Finnish saunas, the founders decided to go with Aspen as their wood of choice. With 9.5' ceilings and generous benches, the sauna gives off an airy, spacious feeling, even when full. 

Elemental Wellness Studio - Vaughan, Ontario

This project involved converting under-utilized spaces in an existing wellness spa into two saunas. The flagship sauna pictured herein is lined with Western Red Cedar and a powerful Harvia heater. It can comfortably fit 12 bathers and delivers robust heat and a soft löyly.

Elemental Wellness Studio - Vaughan, Ontario

The smaller of the two new Elemental saunas, this one was tricky as the client requested a sauna, cold plunge, and shower to be built into a small room. The Elemental team did a great job configuring the space allowing for a cozy 2-person sauna that pumps out great heat. A cold plunge from Ice Works Bath Co. completes the private spa oasis making this unique space a true gem.

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